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Carlsbad, California (PRESS RELEASE – April 14, 2011) – Zoovy, the leader in success driven e-commerce software for online businesses, has announced a new version of its Integrated Desktop that features a built-in business intelligence application. With Integrated Desktop version 11.020, Zoovy’s customers now have an unparalleled ability to implement and adapt to changing business conditions.

Zoovy’s Integrated Desktop provides a single, high-speed interface where back-office functions such as warehousing, inventory, order and risk management are all easily accessible and managed. The addition of a built-in business intelligence application enables merchants to interrogate their own data and develop consistent, data-based business decisions with operational capabilities to quickly take action, thus eliminating wasted spending and increasing sales.

“Unlike many industries where there may be little change from month to month, the world of e-commerce is in a state of constant flux,” said Brian Horakh, founder and CEO of Zoovy. “Online retailers may experience significant changes in short amounts of time, so those that can segment data to make informed decisions, implement those decisions and measure their impact have an edge over those that don’t. Until now, business intelligence functionality was only available to the largest retailers — so we’re thrilled to offer this resource to our mid-size customers to help them make better decisions and ultimately grow their business.”

Zoovy’s Integrated Desktop is the only e-commerce platform to include business intelligence as part of a standard desktop offering. Web interfaces are not well suited for this type of analysis, as business intelligence applications are notorious data hogs and require enormous amounts of space to perform simple tasks. Because Zoovy’s Integrated Desktop is a desktop application, running out of storage space or taking a significantly long time to perform tasks is not an issue. Users can quickly compile requested data and interactively drill down into specific areas of their choosing in seconds.

Users will be able to perform a variety of analysis using the business intelligence features, including:

  • Tracking new customers that have not repeated
  • Tracking revenue, purchasing habits and growth for new vs. repeat customers
  • Segmenting customers by products of interest
  • Tracking returns/refunds by category to find potential trouble spots
  • Identifying products that aren’t selling well
  • Finding opportunities to raise pricing
  • Filtering out splits and affiliate data
  • Tracking marketplace performance — which sites are selling the best

“The selection of products, pricing and promotions I use in my business is determinant on a number of factors,” said Jill Morrow, owner of Pro Safety Supplies. “Being able to segment data to get a clearer picture of statistics such as repeat customers and returns by category is vital to understanding what is and isn’t working in my business. With the addition of business intelligence, I’m able to pull data that gives me greater insight into my options.”

Zoovy Integrated Desktop 11.020 is a general release pilot to Zoovy customers and is available at no cost through the end of the 2011.

About Zoovy Inc.

Zoovy is the leader in success driven e-commerce software and provides e-commerce tools and services for online businesses. With a multi-channel sales strategy, businesses reach more customers and drive more sales by integrating with multiple online marketplaces such as Amazon.com, Buy.com, eBay, and many other top comparison shopping services. Zoovy automates product management, listing, sales, inventory, shipping and accounting processes, offering complete online storefronts and auction management tools for small merchants to large wholesaler/retailers.

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