WordPress Introduces Unlimited Scalable Business Blogging Platform – Small Business Trends

WordPress Introduces Unlimited Scalable Business Blogging Platform – Small Business Trends

Deciding where to host a website or blog can be tricky since there are so many different options available. From professional publishing providers to simple hosted blogging platforms, the range of products available ensure that there’s something out there for businesses with all different budgets and needs.

Now there’s another new option available for businesses looking for a professional blogging platform without all the added cost of a full online publishing suite. Automatic, the company behind WordPress, recently announced a new version of WordPress that fits somewhere in between the free WordPress.com and WordPress VIP, which starts at $3,750 per month and is used by large clients such as CNN.

WordPress.com Enterprise costs $500 per month and includes a managed hosting service with unlimited traffic, bandwidth, storage, support, and WordPress.com’s VideoPress service. The service is made to scale with businesses as they grow, allowing them to customize sites with Javascript and handle a lot of traffic.

Unlike the WordPress.org self-hosting option, Enterprise customers have their sites hosted by WordPress.com, so they don’t have to worry about maintaining the sites themselves. Since they’re hosted by WordPress itself, Enterprise sites automatically update with the latest software patches and security updates.

Users of WordPress.com Enterprise will also have access to the full selection of approved plugins and customizable design options.

The photo above shows the Enterprise dashboard, which includes a checklist of items that a site administrator should consider prior to site launch, including website customization and adding WordPress plugins. The options along the left side of the page include many of the same ones that are included with other versions of WordPress.

Automattic is hoping that this new version fills a void in the market between professional hosting options and the free ones aimed mainly at individual users. But at $500 a month, this option is still fairly expensive when compared to some other managed hosting options.

And WordPress.com Enterprise has a lot of competition both from products aimed at professional content creators and free or less expensive options like Tumblr, which are being increasingly used by businesses and brands.

However, WordPress is a trusted name that many companies already rely on, so depending on needs and budget, this new Enterprise option could be one that many businesses consider.

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