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San Jose, California (PRESS RELEASE – February 23, 2011) – For many small and mid-size businesses, deciding how to provide an affordable phone service that suits employee needs and allows for great customer service can be a struggle. Do I go wireline or wireless? Can I depend on VoIP? Is a hosted model right for me? How do I get all the best features, and how can my small business look like a big business to my customers?

Virtual PBX, inventor and leading supplier of hosted PBX services, announces the perfect solution for this classic dilemma — Virtual PBX Complete. Virtual PBX Complete has already been recognized for its outstanding innovation by Internet Telephony Magazine.

Virtual PBX Complete delivers everything a business needs to provide professional phone support for its customers, prospects and employees while eliminating the need to buy dial-tone service and other expensive options from traditional service providers. Businesses need only an Internet connection, and Virtual PBX Complete will do the rest. It can be used as an inbound call router to existing phones, or users can select a complete phone system with VoIP lines and phones. Pricing plans for the complete service start as low as $9.99/month.

“The migration to Voice-over-IP continues to gain momentum as organizations look for additional ways to lower costs and improve services,” says Jonathan Spira, chief analyst at Basex, a knowledge economy research firm. “Offerings such as Virtual PBX Complete provide compelling grounds for companies to make the move from analog and gain the enhanced functionality that was previously only available to larger entities.”

Unlike other hosted IP-PBX solutions, Virtual PBX Complete does not require VoIP. For example, with Virtual PBX Complete, a small startup can set up the service so they can run their entire business using only cell phones. Others could implement a Virtual PBX Complete solution using VoIP desk phones with direct extension dialing and all the other features associated with a traditional working environment. Some companies will want to combine the use of VoIP phones where appropriate and cellular or land lines where needed. Virtual PBX Complete offers the flexibility to work where and how the client needs.

“Each business is unique, and at Virtual PBX we believe customers should have access to business phone services that can be optimally tailored to their needs,” says Paul Hammond, CEO of Virtual PBX. “Today, our customers range from entrepreneurs who are constantly on-the-go to enterprises with nationwide offices. Virtual PBX Complete allows our users to leverage the industry’s deepest feature set and the flexibility to use any phone, all at 40-80 percent savings over traditional phone services.”

Virtual PBX has also dramatically reduced the difficulty of installing a new phone system. Virtual PBX Complete VoIP phones are true “plug-and-play” devices. Users simply connect the phones to their broadband Internet connection and the devices register and connect automatically with no user intervention.

“Setup was incredibly easy,” says Philip Paulson, president of Genoa Business Forms, Inc., a participant in the beta program for Virtual PBX Complete. “It was like taking candy from a baby. Our employees using the phones simply won’t give them up.”

Details on Virtual PBX Complete

Virtual PBX Complete includes access to all of the features developed by the company over its 15-year history. Pricing plans set a new bar for value, with unlimited packages available for just $19.99 per user per month and metered plans that start at under $10 per month. In addition, Virtual PBX Complete is built around the company’s award-winning Open VoIP Peering concept, allowing clients to use VoIP hard phones and soft phones registered to Virtual PBX or other providers. Unlimited minute plans are even available to users who have no VoIP phones at all — a breakthrough concept as other IP-PBX providers require a VoIP phone on every extension.

Key features of Virtual PBX Complete include:

  • Dial-tone service
  • Optional Polycom VoIP phones
  • Auto-attendant with professional greetings and greetings library
  • Customizable greetings and hold music for different departments
  • Complete voicemail with retrieval online, by phone or by e-mail
  • Inbound and outbound faxing with no fax machine
  • Automatic or manual call recording with optional admin and/or user control
  • Free integrated conferencing
  • Automatic call distribution queues
  • Skills-based routing
  • Departmental load balancing
  • Multiple-role administration and security
  • Follow-me/find-me capabilities
  • Call preview and smart caller ID to know who is calling and what they want
  • Real-time voicemail monitor and interrupt
  • Local, toll-free and international numbers
  • Multi-business support
  • Customizable music on hold
  • Easy web management and real-time monitoring

About Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX, the pioneer of hosted phone services, provides products that improve the capabilities of business telephony while reducing its overall cost. Our offerings stand out for their excellent value, including very competitive pricing, the industry’s deepest feature set, ease of deployment and the many user-friendly packages — from a full turnkey set-up including dial tone and VoIP phone, to automated call answering and routing solutions that work with your existing land line, cell phone or VoIP phone. Forget the hassles and costs of buying and maintaining your own PBX hardware. With Virtual PBX, your employees, whether in one location or far-flung, can focus on serving your customers while we provide the advanced features and responsiveness that give you a competitive edge. We also offer a backup phone service to ensure your business stays up and running should disaster strike.

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