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Washington (PRESS RELEASE – May 14, 2011) – Vii Network, Inc. is launching its software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, (VidStructor). Vii Network’s SaaS solution enables businesses to quickly and easily launch a video-commerce driven website built for Interactive Training and Remote Visual Communication.

VidStructor’s capabilities create innovative revenue streams for businesses through video-based services for skill assessments, workflows, certification and training programs. The SaaS solution delivers these capabilities through an integrated set of 100% web-based, interactive tools for providing video feedback and analysis, custom video libraries, step-by-step video workflows, video messaging, group content sharing, social networking, blogging and more.

E-commerce and e-marketing tools monetize the entire process for its business subscribers.  Now small-to-medium sized service businesses (SMB’s) are able to differentiate their business by providing video-based programs and services, while corporate networks can use VidStructor, as a “Corporate VidTranet,” to enhance productivity by disseminating video-based programs across their entire network.

VidStructor’s monthly subscription editions support sports training, fitness and wellness, executive coaching, music training and culinary arts business models, while annual editions strategically support franchises and large corporate networks, such as employee training, financial advisory services, medical device training, military device and process training and franchise quick-service industries.

“What makes our product special is how our customers choose to utilize our solution. Our customers are continuously educating our team with their different applications of our product, which is very exciting to see,” said Phil Newman, CEO of Vii Network, Inc. “I’ve seen our clients’ trying to be innovative and efficient in this Web 2.0 world, and VidStructor simply provides them an exciting and affordable solution to solve these issues.”

As opposed to the traditional license-based software business model, Vii Network’s cloud-driven (scalable), multitenant architecture, and web-driven platform allows businesses to strip out serious IT expenses and effectively deliver video-commerce to their operations. Everything from online subscription registration to rapidly launching a branded website built for interactive training and remote visual communication can be done with VidStructor.

“VidStructor has basically enabled me to explode my basketball training business to all new levels,” said Coach Randy Brown, former Head Coach of Stetson University who subscribes to to run his website,

About Vii Network, Inc.

Vii Network, Inc leads the next major evolution of web technologies for businesses – interactive, scalable video-driven web solutions that enable businesses to quickly and visually communicate, broadcast and track personalized feedback, training programs, workflows and skill assessments across their entire network(s).

Vii Network’s team is comprised of business, marketing and web experts who are proficient in interactive training and remote visual communication web technologies.

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