SmallBiz America Radio Revamps Its Platform

SmallBiz America Radio Revamps Its Platform

SmallBiz America Radio , an Albuquerque, N.M. podcast for small business owners and entrepreneurs founded in 2005, is making a change. In an interview with Small Business Trends, David Wolf, CEO of SmallBiz America, says that he’s taking the company in a different direction– as a content marketing management company.

“Smallbiz America never closed, per se. I will say that while our audience grew on an international scale, I was, at that time, unsuccessful in engineering a clear path to revenue generation with the business,” Wolf said.

Wolf took some time off from the show after archiving some 450 segments.  But the many interviews with entrepreneurs he conducted have provided inspiration for his own business’s new direction.

Combining his background in music production for radio, movies and film with his background running a family bakery and interviewing entrepreneurs, Wolf came up with the idea for a new business model. The new approach involves helping small businesses and entrepreneurs create a wide variety of content to help effectively market their brands.

Wolf states, “I was now able to create a more tangible value proposition to businesses who need content for their blog, newsletter, social media and other communications channels. Many business people simply do not have the time, skills or resources to generate content, so this is an essential solution to provide to them.”

On his website, Wolfe explains that his company will help create content for small businesses and entrepreneurs that helps define their brands without the huge amount of time this process usually requires.

To accomplish this, Wolf says his company will use one 30-45 minute interview session per “cycle” to create a variety of content including video, blog posts, transcripts and podcasts for distribution.

In creating his new business model, Wolf has blended the old with the new. He is returning to the podcast and pure radio medium starting with his flagship show, ‘The SmallBiz Brain.’” But Wolf said he is also planning a syndication deal to give SmallBiz America distribution in streaming and terrestrial radio.

SmallBiz America Radio is seeking guests for interview segments for it podcast and 24-7 streaming radio channel. Guest appearances are currently free and if you’d like to submit a guest for the show, contact Wolf at [email protected] with “radio guest” in the subject line.

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