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Scottsdale, Arizona (PRESS RELEASE – April 2, 2011) – Scott K. Curry, founder, created the concept for bizznesscard while brainstorming ideas to market his own small business online. Scott states, “I knew I needed online awareness even though I primarily do business in person because we live in a world where most people find products and services online. bizznesscard is the result of that brainstorm.” Scott stumbled upon something that evolved quickly into a universal solution. As he puts it, “the ironic thing is that I quickly realized that bizznesscard works for any small business operating anywhere in this country and throughout the world—whether they want to operate their business online or not.”

Scott says he chose to roll out to …“the places where me and my team have lived and worked—the 11 states where small businesses seem to get overlooked.” Scott says these small business owners need marketing… “just as much as the big business in New York, LA or Chicago and now they have it.”

When asked what’s different and special about bizznesscard, Scott added… “with bizznesscard, a small business owner can buy and sell products/services directly from while they upload their company videos to YouTube, tweet about their company on Twitter, “friend” someone on Facebook, stay in touch with colleagues on LinkedIn, blog about their business, write and distribute their newsletter, get referrals from other companies, and a lots more…all from one site. His final comment on the subject was “small business owners need to know that is easy to use, affordable, and can help small businesses save time and money while building their business. It’s the one place a small business owner can manage their entire business online.”

About Bizznesscard

bizznesscard is the quick, easy, affordable and effective online marketing solution for small businesses. Developed by a small business owner for small business owners, bizznesscard offers small businesses an online presence toward wide-reach brand development and awareness, combined with instant access to a community of neighborhood businesses. This serves as bizznesscard’s Unique Selling Point, distinguishing the company from all other online marketing products, services, and tools. A solution to developing, hosting and updating their own website, bizznesscard account holders can do everything from buy and sell products and services to interact simultaneously with social media sites, view and take action on performance analytics, and manage promotions, coupons and referrals. bizznesscard account holders receive a free account and the online marketing solutions they need to become successful.

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