SizeUp Launches Free Business Intelligence Tool at TechCrunch Disrupt – Small Business Trends

San Francisco, CA (Press Release – September 12, 2011) – SizeUp, a free business intelligence tool designed to help all businesses grow, debuted today at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco.  SizeUp is one of only 30 finalists presenting at the Disrupt Battlefield competition, out of over 1,200 applicants worldwide.

SizeUp shows businesses how to make more money, outperform their competition, and find the best places to advertise.  SizeUp provides many of the same demographic, industry, geographic, business, transportation, and cost-of-business data that large corporations use, but provides it at no cost, using powerful analytic search tools to enable all businesses to make smarter decisions.

“Small businesses are already at a competitive disadvantage because they don’t have access to the same quality of business intelligence and competitor analysis that big businesses have,” said SizeUp’s CEO, Anatalio Ubalde.  “We are leading a movement to level the business information playing field, help entrepreneurs to grow their companies, and reduce small business failure.”

SizeUp provides three core features that enable business owners to make more intelligent decisions:

1. Map of the competition: Executives can map where competitors, customers, and suppliers are located, and can use the map to isolate areas with many potential customers but little competition.

2. Benchmark a specific business: Entrepreneurs can see how their business “sizes up” by comparing its performance to all competitors in the industry. This tool enables businesses to isolate areas for improvement and find ways to save money.

3. Find the best places to advertise: Business owners can identify areas with the highest total or average revenue for an industry, the most underserved markets, and they can create custom demographic and business reports.

“SizeUp is unique among business intelligence tools in that it provides competitive information with spatial analysis and mapping capabilities,” said Ubalde.  “Only SizeUp empowers its users in this hyper-local way, allowing businesses to see other industry players, customers and suppliers on an interactive map.  And unlike expensive traditional research tools, our business intelligence is free.”

SizeUp is a service of GIS Planning, the world leader in online economic development solutions.  Over 13,000 U.S. cities in 42 states are served by GIS Planning’s Geographic Information System (GIS) Software, which provides real estate, demographic and industry data to help site selection professionals.  GIS Planning is the creator of, a free website that enables companies to identify the best locations to start-up, expand, or relocate.

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