Salesforce’s Task App Do Is Done

Salesforce’s Task App Do Is Done will shutter its task app Do on January 31, 2014. The app is one of many that enables teams including small businesses to coordinate a wide variety of tasks via mobile device.

Do allows teams to share task lists, organize projects, track contacts and attach files to task lists or other project information.

In an announcement to its community recently, the Do Team explained:

“Here at Do, our customers have been the driving force behind our mission to change the way people work together. While the last two years have been an incredible journey, we’ve made the tough decision to discontinue the Do service on January 31, 2014.”

Do was the reincarnation of Manymoon, a project management application. has had a strategy of renaming products with common one-word domains.  Other Salesforce products include,, and even  Somehow, though, the name never caught on.

Part of the problem Do faced is the sheer number of these tools already on the market.   There are literally dozens of task apps, collaboration tools and project management apps — with lots of crossover of functionality and purpose.  A few include Microsoft’s Yammer, Salesforce’s other management tool Chatter, and tools like Campfire and Asana.  We noted 20 project management tools back in 2010 and the list was by no means complete even then.

In a field test of Do earlier this year, a CITE World author opined the app just wasn’t as intuitive as some other apps on the market.

Do Prepares for Shutdown

Members of the community have been told an exporting tool will be ready by November 15 for anyone interested in exporting their data out of their Do account.

Current members can continue using the app until the end of January if they wish and may even add new members and to existing groups, projects and tasks. However, registration for new users has been closed.

All data remaining on the Do servers will be deleted shortly after shutdown January 31, 2014.  In other words, get your project data from before January 31, 2014 or it may be lost forever.

Image: Salesforce

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