Rod Kurtz’s Advice to Would-Be Entrepreneurs: Take the First Step

Rod Kurtz’s Advice to Would-Be Entrepreneurs: Take the First Step

Rod KurtzRod Kurtz (@rodkurtz) has been writing stories about entrepreneurs for more than a decade, so it’s only natural he should become one.

After working for Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, AOL and Huffington Post as a journalist or editor, Rod now works with a variety of organizations as a media consultant, to help foster an ongoing conversation about entrepreneurship.

After interviewing and writing about entrepreneurs, he’s got a pretty good handle on what it takes to succeed:

“Get out there.  Take that first step.  There are a million great ideas that never make it beyond the scribbled napkin stage.  Cliched as it may be, the first step is indeed the hardest — and the only thing separating you from success.”

What’s Not to Love?

Rod found inspiration in the small businesses he wrote about:

“Entrepreneurs are some of the smartest, craziest, and most interesting people out there.  I love having the opportunity to share their stories with the world.  Any job that teaches you and inspires you on a daily basis is a pretty good one.”

He says small businesses create jobs, invent new products, re-invent industries — all on their own terms. And coming from a family of entrepreneurs, he always knew it was inevitable that he, too, would become one.

From Traditional to Digital

Kurtz sees technology as being a major game-changer for small business and something that’s made his new endeavor as a media consultant possible. Technology has, he says, transformed industries and spawned new others, which opens up his access to media:

“As the media has evolved, so has my approach to it.  I discovered that the conversations I’ve been fostering about entrepreneurship don’t need to be limited to traditional media outlets or platforms.  I now work with a variety of organizations to help spotlight and champion great entrepreneurial stories in print, online and on air.”

Judging the Influencers

Rod was honored as a Small Business Influencer last year and this year, he served as a judge:

“The small-business world is, indeed, a small one. So it was great to see so many familiar names on the ballot — and a great challenge to choose among them. Anita and Ramon have created a terrific community for entrepreneurs here, one which I’m happy to give back to.”

Editor’s Note: This article is one of a series of interviews of key players in the Small Business Influencer Awards.

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