Remember, New USPS Increases Go Into Effect Soon – Small Business Trends

Remember, New USPS Increases Go Into Effect Soon – Small Business Trends

It will soon cost more to send that check in the mail — or that vintage ash tray you just sold on eBay for that matter.

A new increase in United States Postal Service mailing and shipping rates goes into affect January 22, 2016. So, if you have any last minute packages to ship and would like to save some money, now would be a good time.

2017 Postage Rate Increases Go Into Effect Soon

The new USPS increases announced in October 2016 include a two cent bump in the cost of a First Class Mail Forever Stamp — the first such increase since January 2014.

The increase doesn’t include changes for Postcards, letters being sent to international destinations or additional ounces for letters, the USPS explained in an October release.

The prices for First Class Mail are as follows:

                                                                     Current                                              New

Letters (1 oz.)                                             47 cents                                              49 cents

Letters additional ounces                        21 cents                                              21 cents

Letters to international destinations     $1.15                                                   $1.15

Postcards                                                    34 cents                                              34 cents

USPS Shipping Services will see a somewhat more dramatic increase.In another release from October 2016, USPS announced an average increase of 3.9 percent for its Shipping Services.

The announcement further outlines a 3.9 percent hike in Priority Mail and 3.3 percent boost in Priority Mail Retail prices.

Here’s a more detailed look at how the rates for USPS Shipping Services in 2017 will break down:

                                                                                              Current                                     New

Small flat-rate box                                                               $6.80                                         $7.15

Medium flat-rate box                                                          13.45                                         13.60

Large flat-rate box                                                               18.75                                         18.85

Large APO/FPO flat-rate box                                              16.75                                         17.35

Regular flat-rate envelope                                                  6.45                                           6.65

Legal flat-rate envelope                                                      6.45                                           6.95

Padded flat-rate envelope                                                  6.80                                           7.20

The USPS quickly points out there is no increase for First-Class Package International Service, Priority Mail Express International and Priority Mail International.

The release also insists increases don’t won’t raise average rates above $5 per shipment across all products.

That may be. But certainly the increase introduces one more cost for small businesses who routinely use the service to consider when evaluating other options.

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