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ATLANTA (Press Release – September 8, 2011) – Vertical Acuity today unveiled Discover, a new component of its Content Logistix™ Platform that empowers publishers to find and legally publish relevant articles from across the Web – instantly. Discover enables publishers to send their content to hundreds of third party sites with one simple connection to the Content Logistix™ platform. As a result, Web publishers create new revenues as reader engagement increases, while consumers find timely, interesting articles from around the Web appearing on their favorite sites without having to visit multiple sites to find what they want.

Vertical Acuity’s Content Logistix Platform permits online publishers to find and publish content from around the Web with the same ease as sending a friend request on Facebook. This collection of digital curation and partner management tools, which now includes Discover, is being used by hundreds of media partners today, with more constantly being added.

“Vertical Acuity’s digital curation tools fundamentally change the way content is discovered and monetized online,” said Gregg Freishtat, CEO of Vertical Acuity. “By providing their visitors with diverse and relevant content far beyond what they could afford to produce profitably, publishers keep consumers more engaged and on their sites longer – and, most importantly, increase online revenues. In essence, we are ‘UnGoogling’ the Web by removing the constant return to search engines to find content. Consumers remain engaged with brands they trust, yet discover the best content from around the Web.”

With Discover, publishers can search for articles by keyword, topic, popularity or publication date. The results are delivered via sophisticated algorithms that scan a massive collection of articles, photos and videos from all sites within the Vertical Acuity network. All results are available for immediate online publication using the Company’s Partner Management Platform, enabling publishers to generate profitable page views in real time while eliminating the need for expensive content feeds or business development deals.

“By allowing publishers to develop instant, point-to-point content syndication relationships as they see fit, our innovative platform reduces the costs previously dedicated to maintaining expensive content feeds from traditional subscriptions,” added Freishtat. “Discover takes syndication to the next level, giving publishers and editors the power to control content curation and syndication without the costs of doing hundreds of content partnerships and technology integrations.”

Sites that have already joined Vertical Acuity’s Content Logistix network, include tradition web-based companies, such as Business Insider; broadcast media, such as Fisher Broadcasting, Meredith Corporation and Raycom; and traditional print publications such as Forbes, TV Guide and Rodale, to name just a few.

For a full list of partners, or to learn more about Vertical Acuity’s Content Logistix Platform, visit

About Vertical Acuity:  Vertical Acuity is the world’s first Content Logistics Platform. We empower online publishers to grow their businesses by discovering, organizing and publishing content to and from thousands of sites across the web, without the cost of developing traditional business relationships. We help digital publishers monetize content they don’t own on their sites and syndicate their content they don’t own. We enable intelligent, frictionless, mass scale digital curation and partner management that shifts revenues from search engines and social networks to publishers and content owners. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Vertical Acuity is led by a senior management team with the experience to create meaningful change in the digital media world.

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