Ohio Companies to Offer Time and Labor Management Application for SMBs – Small Business Trends

Branchburg, New Jersey (PRESS RELEASE – April 9, 2011) – SaaShr.com, a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Workforce Management Applications with a major push in HR, Payroll, and Time and Labor Management, has recently partnered with Business Communications Corporation (BCC), a value added reseller (VAR) based in Ohio. BCC formed an alliance with SaaShr.com to offer its clients a time and labor management application that encompasses functionality, such as project management, time tracking, and scheduling.

“Ohio, like many other states, has been negatively impacted by changes in the economic climate, which means that these companies need to learn to be more competitive and adapt to change in a timelier manner,” said Chris Jung, President of Business Communications Corporation. “The time and labor management application will be monumental in judging the success of organizational changes because it will enable employers to more effectively measure the skills and output of each employee.”

BCC is looking to market and sell the application in numerous markets in Ohio, including the Healthcare, Higher Education and Manufacturing industries. With the addition of the time and labor management application to BCC’s offering and the existing business relationships in place, it is anticipated that the company will continue penetrating those markets. “Having a large network of high level professionals within multiple markets in the state enables me to reach out to different types of organizations and show them how the application can help improve their operations,” commented Jung.

The scalability of SaaShr.com’s time and labor management application and the features it encompasses supports companies of all industries and sizes. “We’re targeting both small firms that have about 50-150 employees, and those larger firms that have over 1,000 employees,” stated Jung. “The level of scalability and the ability to tailor the application to each customer’s needs makes it an attractive option for businesses with a staff of any size.”

Prior to the partnership, BCC did not have a time and labor management application in place. The organization was looking to resell an application that complimented its existing offering. “Corporate America wants to be able to consolidate the number of vendors and work with more responsive companies, and SaaShr.com’s business model fully supports that, allowing us to be the provider for these companies,” concluded Jung.

About Business Communication Corporation

For more than 20 years, Business Communication Corporation (BCC), based in Northern Ohio, has provided business consulting, technology plans, technology implementation, and technology-managed services. BCC specializes in high-end voice/video solutions and data applications for mainframe and micro markets. The organization’s main focus is helping small to medium-sized companies compete with larger corporations by implementing the technology to assist in expansion.

About SaaShr.com

SaaShr.com was established in 2002, and has evolved in response to the ever-changing needs of both providers and customers of Payroll and Human Resources services. Under a private label model, providers leverage one interface and one user experience across all of SaaShr.com’s workforce management applications including Human Resources, Payroll and Time and Labor Management. Applications can be utilized as a complete suite, individually, or in conjunction with other core third party applications, content and services.

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