New Technology Lets Small & Midsize Companies Conduct Background Checks Just Like ‘Fortune 1000’ – Small Business Trends

Published: Sep 26, 2011
Last Updated: Sep 29, 2011
by Marie Hernan
In Small Business Press Releases

New York (Press Release – September 19, 2011) – Given the current economic retraction and stagnant unemployment figures, the hiring of suitable, productive employees – now more than ever – is a major concern for small to mid-size business owners who want to avoid being exposed to millions of dollars of risk from a potential negligent hiring lawsuit.

A new employee screening product called CheckToHire is an accurate, cost-effective vetting solution from CARCO, a leader in background screening for Fortune 1000 companies for over 30 years.  The unique CheckToHire platform applies the same technology used by the Fortune 1000 but tailored for the specific needs of smaller companies.  CheckToHire is an affordable, pay-as-needed service with no long term contracts, retainers or monthly charges incurred.

Small to medium sized businesses can now have the same protection from hiring employees who may not be exactly who they say they are.  CheckToHire offers critical support to help grow small and medium sized companies – an essential process to stem the flow of economic retraction and unemployment.


CARCO Group, Inc., provides investigative, fraud detection, and risk mitigation services. As a proven leader with more than 30 years in background screening, CARCO offers a suite of customizable and all-inclusive services. CARCO conducts over 1,000,000 investigation reports per year and has seen a 70% increase in business from 2010-2011.

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