Microsoft #MSBizTips Twitter Chat Discusses Tech Upgrades for the Future – Small Business Trends

Microsoft #MSBizTips Twitter Chat Discusses Tech Upgrades for the Future – Small Business Trends

From computers and general office supplies to smartphones and mobile tech tools, there are plenty of new tech devices that could help you run your business more efficiently in 2017. Even small businesses with limited budgets can potentially benefit from certain tech upgrades.

To share opinions about future tech upgrades and learn from other small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals, our small business community took part in a Twitter chat earlier this week. Small Business Trends CEO Anita Campbell (@smallbiztrends) served as moderator for the Twitter chat, “New Year’s Resolution: Modernize Your Technology,” sponsored by Microsoft (@Microsoft). Cindy Bates, Vice President of U.S. Small and Midsized Business and Distribution for Microsoft Corp also participated.

You can see some of the input and interesting discussion from chat participants in the excerpts below.

First, chat participants talked about some of the upcoming tech trends that might impact small businesses in the coming year.

Q1: What are 3 key tech trends that will impact #smallbiz in 2017? #MSBizTips

— Anita Campbell (@smallbiztrends) December 13, 2016

A1: I feel like the increased prominence of mobile, in payments & computing, will be big. #MSBizTips

— Robert Brady (@robert_brady) December 13, 2016

A1a: Customers expect to connect with businesses digitally. 62% of them say it’s important for businesses to embrace tech. #MSBizTips

— Cindy Bates (@Cindy_Bates) December 13, 2016

A1: One trend for #Smallbiz in 2017 is Livestreaming – how to bring your customers into the life of your biz. #MSBizTips

— Ivana Taylor (@DIYMarketers) December 13, 2016

There can also be some barriers when it comes to adopting new technology in a small business. So biz owners discussed those barriers next.

Q2: What is the biggest barrier to adopting the latest tech in your biz? #MSBizTips

— Anita Campbell (@smallbiztrends) December 13, 2016

A2: Biggest obstacle to adopting new #smallBiz #Tech? Budget and options – Am I buying right item/service for rt price #msbiztips

— Cathy Larkin PR (@CathyWebSavvyPR) December 13, 2016

A2 return on investment & Time to learn the tech. #msbiztips

— Martin Lindeskog (@Lyceum) December 13, 2016

A2 Security is still a big concern for small businesses. #msbiztips

— Thomas Oppong (@Alltopstartups) December 13, 2016

Then chat participants discussed some of the driving factors when it comes to making decisions about new tech.

Q3: What drives you to consider adopting new technology in your biz? #MSBizTips

— Anita Campbell (@smallbiztrends) December 13, 2016

A3 practically, efficiency, ease of use, does it save me time #msbiztips

— Ti Roberts (@tiroberts) December 13, 2016

A3a: Customers expect personalized services & 42% of customers expect that a business can anticipate their needs. #MSBizTips

— Duncan – ???.WS (@duncanjcarter) December 13, 2016

A3) I’m a sucker for new features and the latest tech is always an improvement over what I had before. #msbiztips

— Bizapalooza (@Bizapalooza) December 13, 2016

Of course, the technology landscape for small businesses is constantly changing. So keeping up can be a bit of challenge. But small business owners shared their tips in the chat.

Q4: How can a #smallbiz keep up with the latest technology? #MSBizTips

— Anita Campbell (@smallbiztrends) December 13, 2016

@smallbiztrends A4: They can leverage cloud-based management tools and staying up to date with your industry #MSBizTips

— SarahGOpera ? (@SarahGOpera) December 13, 2016

@smallbiztrends A4: We like @SCOREMentors, @Entrepreneur and of course, our own –! #MSBizTips

— YP for Business (@ypforbusiness) December 13, 2016

A4: Stay in the know if it’s of personal interest (and if you have time). Also use resources like blogs:

— Clover (@CloverPOS) December 13, 2016

But while constantly updating your tech might seem like a chore, sticking with outdated gadgets can actually hurt your business. Chat participants discussed some of the risks of using outdated tech next.

Q5: What are the risks of using outdated tech in your #smallbiz? #MSBizTips

— Anita Campbell (@smallbiztrends) December 13, 2016

A5: When disposable income transfers to internet-savvy consumers and you still write checks for groceries? Big problem. #msbiztips

— Gary McIntire (@garymcintire) December 13, 2016

A5b: Outdated tech also puts #SMBs at risk for #cyberattacks. More than 40% hit businesses with fewer than 500 employees in 2015. #MSBizTips

— Cindy Bates (@Cindy_Bates) December 13, 2016

A 5 Everyone says security. But I’ll add interface with customers — who might prefer newer options. #MSBizTips

— Shawn Hessinger (@Shawn_Hessinger) December 13, 2016

If you want to see the Twitter chat in its entirety, you can view response at the #MSBizTips hashtag on Twitter.

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