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Santa Barbara, California (PRESS RELEASE – March 9, 2011) – Lenco Mobile Inc. (LNCM:PK). Lenco Mobile Inc.’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Lenco Mobile USA Inc., today launched its Build.mobi platform which enables brand owners to build and manage mobile, search engine-optimized internet websites through a central interface.

Announcing the new platform, Gideon Rubin, COO of Lenco Mobile USA Inc., said that “Build.mobi provides small and medium sized business owners with a sophisticated tool to market their products and services to the millions of Smartphones that are in use today. Build.mobi is a fully-automated platform which builds Mobi Sites literally in minutes.” Explaining the difference between an internet site and a Mobi Site, Rubin added “Because of the screen size of a mobile phone, the content of the Mobi Site has to be specially formatted, or rendered, for each make and model of mobile phone. This is a challenging process and one that we have now fully automated. In the near future, we are integrating our SMS and MMS messaging platform, so that our clients can create, manage, and market, with immediacy, to their mobile consumers.”

Using the Build.mobi platform, clients can push content, alerts, and other marketing actions in real time to one or more sites. Mobile websites created through Build.mobi will also deliver value-added services such as mobile ticketing and mobile coupons or vouchers to stimulate foot traffic, as well as mCommerce. The Build.mobi infrastructure allows clients to serve their own ads or use third-party ad serving. Every mobile website built with Build.mobi comes with managed and detailed analytics. The mobile website builder has a “do it yourself,” or mass upload feature, for businesses with the need to have multiple sites for different locations or products. Clients can create a site or landing page using completely customizable pre-populated templates, simple click-and-go formatting options, and a user library where clients can upload logos, banners, and more with the Build.mobi “drag and drop” interface. This interface allows users to place preset plug-ins or uploaded files directly into the mobile phone sample for preview. Clients can add dynamic interaction with Build.mobi plug-ins like Google Maps and Directions, Click to Call, Mobile Advertisements, Interactive Text Editor, and Contact Forms are all available in this version.

About Lenco Mobile Inc.

Lenco Mobile Inc. is a global developer, owner, and operator of proprietary advertising and technical platforms primarily for the high growth mobile and online marketing sectors. The platforms provide customers including leading wireless carriers and consumer brands with turnkey solutions to attract, retain and monetize relationships with consumers. Lenco Mobile offers brand owners the ability to design, manage, and execute mobile-based marketing campaigns through MMS messaging with improved messaging throughput, better quality, and reduced bandwidth usage on a per message basis. In addition to propriety MMS messaging solutions, the Company offers products and services such as Build.mobi, mobile greeting cards, mobile statements, high-volume internet and mobile ad-impression serving, loyalty programs, online support, and search and database marketing. The Company’s Lenco Media Inc. subsidiary provides products that make internet and mobile broadcasting profitable for broadcasters and advertisers. Lenco Media’s RadioLoyalty, ReplaceAds, UniversalPlayer and Jetcast brand streaming products eliminate costs and increase revenue for broadcasters and increase advertisers’ return on their advertising investment. The Company is headquartered in the U.S. and has operations in South Africa, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Colombia.

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