Landbot Lets Small Businesses Automate Customer Engagement on their Landing Pages – Small Business Trends

Landbot Lets Small Businesses Automate Customer Engagement on their Landing Pages – Small Business Trends

Landing pages have become a space for introducing and promoting new products and services for websites. But when visitors get there, engagement is key. allows you to create chatbots based on a Conversational User Interface for your landing pages to improve engagement levels and conversion rates.

As the company describes it, Landbot is a conversation that lives on your website. Instead of using Natural Language Processing or Machine Learning, the Conversational User Interface based platform engages with users to deliver better results.

For small businesses looking to provide or gather more information, chatbots can be another option for introducing new products, services, FAQ, surveys, and more to your customers.

Benefits of a Conversational Interface

CEO of Landbot, Jiaqi Pan, describes a Conversatonal Interface as “A hybrid UI where the content is visualized in a chat format, and users can interact with the system using text, voice or any other natural language interface combined with graphical UI elements like buttons, menus, images, videos, etc.”

Until AI, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning are perfected, using a Conversational Interface platform for an automated chat system makes more sense. According to the company, with a Conversational Interface website, owners can expect to bring a hyper-personalized, real-time and human conversational experience to users.

Creating Your Landbot Chatbot

Creating the bots for your landing page doesn’t require any coding. The drag and drop feature lets you set up in minutes with ready-made templates for the information you want to provide for your customers.

If you are a developer, you can use the Dev tools Landbot provides to further customize the bots you create.


Landbot comes in three different tiers. Sandbox is free and it is limited to 100 chats per month. The Starter plan gives you 10,000 chats with one seat for $36.96 per month. The Professional plan lets you take over conversations and it starts at $73.92 per month and $18.48 per month for additional seats.

Do You Need a Chatbot?

The answer depends on how much you want to automate the engagement process with your customers. But having some chatbots on your website will ensure your business is available 24/7. And as the technology continues to improve, the conversations can be more personalized by delivering relevant answers your customers can actually use.


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