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Gilbert, Ariz. – September 7, 2011 –Infusionsoft today unveiled new features and enhancements to its all-in-one sales and marketing automation software making it simple for small businesses to plan, create, launch and measure automated marketing campaigns that convert leads, get repeat sales and save time. The latest release includes enhancements to each of the core functions of the Infusionsoft sales and marketing automation software including CRM, email marketing, e-commerce and automation.

“Planning and executing an automated marketing campaign can be an intimidating process for even an Internet-savvy small business,” says Infusionsoft VP of Product and Strategy Richard Tripp. “With this release we’ve made great strides towards removing that feeling of overwhelm and giving a new breed of small businesses an approachable, easy-to-use framework for generating new and repeat customers with marketing automation. Our new features, combined with our world-class Perfect Customer Lifecycle training, get the average small business up and running with marketing automation campaigns in just a few weeks, whether they’re looking for fully automated lead nurture and conversion solutions or driving leads through sales teams seeking hyper efficiency. This release marks another major step towards our goal of making easy the new normal of Infusionsoft.”

Small businesses marketing on the web often use tools like basic CRM, email marketing, autoresponder and shopping cart products, but quickly run into problems because the disparate systems aren’t designed to work together. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that small businesses don’t have the in-house IT resources to create and manage custom integrations for these point products. Designed specifically for these Internet-enabled small businesses that aim to grow quickly and profitably with automated and personalized internet marketing, Infusionsoft combines CRM, email marketing and e-commerce with automated follow-up into one, easy-to-use system that small businesses can afford.

“Our company switched to Infusionsoft last year as an all-in-one solution to our business needs,” says Debbie Green, founder and president of Minutes Matter. “Having email marketing, automation, a shopping cart and CRM all rolled into one product is a huge time-saver for my small team. With every new release I see Infusionsoft creating features that make it so easy for small businesses to take advantage of all the benefits marketing automation offers.”

Key Features and Benefits from the Infusionsoft Fall 2011 Software Release:

Campaign Builder – Easily Create Automated Campaigns

The Campaign Builder is an easy-to-use graphical tool that allows users to create, launch and monitor automated campaigns. Users will appreciate the confidence that comes from the new Campaign Checklist and Readiness Indicators as well as campaign stats and reporting widgets.

99% Email Deliverability – Get More Emails to the Inbox and Faster

This release includes improvements to Infusionsoft’s state-of-the-art email systems that increase the speed at which emails are sent boosting deliverability above 99%. An independent audit conducted by Pivotal Veracity confirms Infusionsoft’s position as an industry-leading email sender by awarding us the highest email deliverability audit score on record.

Interactive List View – Quickly Work through a List of Leads

The Interactive List View dramatically improves the efficiency with which CRM users (usually salespeople) can work through a list of contacts or opportunities. Users can view vital contact information at a glance and use the Interactive Panel to add notes, schedule tasks, manage tags, and initiate follow-up with the click of a button.

E-Commerce Set-up Wizard – Set Up a Shopping Cart Faster

The e-commerce setup page has been updated to make it easier than ever for new and existing users to sell products online through their Infusionsoft shopping cart.

About Infusionsoft:  Infusionsoft is the leading sales and marketing automation software for a new breed of small businesses that are growing fast using automated and personalized marketing on the internet. Designed for marketers who have outgrown basic email autoresponder or contact management systems, Infusionsoft is powerful software that combines CRM, email marketing and e-commerce with automated follow up into one efficient, easy-to-use system that helps small businesses nurture and convert leads, grow sales and save time. Infusionsoft has a rapidly growing customer base of more than 7,000 customers and 23,000 users. For more information, visit Infusionsoft.

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