Infusionsoft Gmail Integration is Now Available

The use of Customer Relationship Management software, also known as CRM, has been on the rise for small businesses over the past few years. But we’ve also seen some issues for small business owners.

If you’ve got your contacts in your CRM or similar software, where’s the connection between that platform and your email, which is where most of us do the bulk of our daily interactions with customers?

Infusionsoft, an online marketing software provider,  just announced the arrival of Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail to address the connection between CRM and employees’ daily email usage to interact with customers.

Richard Tripp, chief product officer at Infusionsoft, said the problem the company wanted to help marketers and marketing staff in small businesses with, was that disconnect between CRM and their email:

Many of our customers who use Gmail have encountered a roadblock when trying to streamline processes between their email and calendar management, and Infusionsoft. They’ve been asking to have access to contact information, calendar syncing and the ability to trigger sales automation from inside Gmail.

The free Gmail integration, which was acquired from an Infusionsoft Marketplace Partner, Benji Rabhan and the team at AutomationCore, provides immediate visibility into appointments, centralized contacts and communications within Gmail, and better interactions with clients.  It works with Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Streamlined Customer Communications

Here’s an example of how the Infusionsoft Gmail integration works.

Let’s say a marketer didn’t use this integration. She’s got her CRM with all her client data and contact information, which she manually transferred to the CRM platform. If she has a task to complete for the client, she opens her project management platform, like Basecamp, and sets up the task and due date. She knows she needs to follow up to an email by the end of the week, so she makes an item on her Google Calendar. And because she has a quick question best addressed by phone, she has to open her CRM program to get the client’s phone number (it’s not in an email).

You can see in this example, this process involves a lot of switching between programs and wasting a lot of time.

The Infusionsoft Gmail integration aims to deal with that.  Here’s an example with the integration to illustrate how it works:

Ms. Marketer logs into her Infusionsoft account directly from her Gmail sidebar. She opens an email from a client, and up pops the corresponding profile from the CRM software. She can add or review tasks that relate to this client, as well as see what opportunities she may be able to work on. She can see what tasks or appointments are pending, and do any followup that the CRM alerts her is needed. She’s got all of the client’s contact info there too, so she doesn’t have to hunt for that phone number. It is all in one place.

infusionsoft gmail

Tapping into the Small Business Mindset

A year and a half ago, when I covered Infusionsoft’s social media components, the company was servicing just over 8,000 small businesses. That number has grown to 50,000 small business users spread across 70 countries.

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