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Published: Aug 30, 2011
by Marie Hernan
In Small Business Press Releases

Sunnyvale, California (PRESS RELEASE – August 30, 2011) – iMagic has released its latest version of iMagic Inventory, an inventory control software system for small businesses. The new version includes improved sales analysis only previously seen on expensive software far out of the reach of any small business.

Small business owners cannot control the roller coaster of the current economy. What they can do is improve efficiency on the service they provide and the items that they stock. iMagic Inventory helps to do just that.

As stock is sold the details are automatically recorded to a central database. This information is then consolidated, allowing all reports to be available at any moment.

iMagic Inventory automatically cross-references sales against customers, creating new and immediate insights into sales trends. Highly stocked but poorly performing items can be immediately reduced on reorders while low stocked new trends can be spotted quickly and new stock ordered in.

This trend spotting is extended in other ways, including easy comparison of sales between items over a time period. Results are visually plotted on a graph allowing for further trends to be found that would have otherwise been missed.

The ability to understand sales trends is important, enabling business owners to keep stock levels at efficient levels on a seasonal or other recurring basis. The result is increased efficiency and profit.

iMagic Inventory runs under Windows XP/Vista/7 and costs from $249(US). It may be purchased securely online at You can download a free, 10-use evaluation version of iMagic Inventory from the same web address.

About iMagic Software

Since 1999, iMagic has been developing and marketing Windows business software. In addition to iMagic Inventory, the company also offers iMagic Hotel Reservation, an application for managing small hotels, and iMagic Restaurant Reservation, an application for easy management of reservations in restaurants.

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