HP Stream 14 Is Windows Answer to The Chromebook

HP Stream 14 Is Windows Answer to The Chromebook

A new HP Stream 14 will run Windows but will sell for just $199. As trends show increased adoption of the Chromebook by small businesses, Hewlett-Packard offers its own inexpensive laptop with cloud storage features, running a more familiar operating system to business users, which is the HP Stream 14.

The new Windows device is expected to be unveiled and available later this year. And a $99 tablet could be on the way, too.

The official data sheet for the HP Stream 14 was leaked earlier this week and then published by the German website Mobile Geeks.

Don’t expect the internal specs of this new inexpensive laptop to blow you away, though. The HP Stream 14 will run on an AMD processor chip and have just 2 GB of internal memory. It will also feature either 32- or 64-gigabytes of flash storage. An SDXC card slot will allow you to expand that memory, too.

Unlike the Chromebook which runs the Google Chrome Web browser as its operating system, the HP Stream 14 will run a full version of Windows 8.1.

The computer features a 14-inch, 1366×768 resolution display. There are three USB ports and a webcam for video chats, presumably through another Microsoft product, Skype.

And just like Chromebook, HP Stream 14 offers abundant storage space in the cloud. In this case it’s 100 GB of free storage on Microsoft’s cloud service OneDrive for two years as opposed to the Google Drive storage available to Chromebook users.

Certainly, Microsoft is the driving force behind the new inexpensive HP device. And there’s reason to believe the software giant will work with other hardware partners to provide more inexpensive laptops in the near future.

Earlier this week in an article on the inexpensive laptop trend, Gigome writer Kevin C. Tofel noted:

“I expect many other similar low-cost laptops to arrive by year’s end…The company isn’t willing to cede the bottom of the market to Google and said it will be working with hardware partners to create compelling choices for Windows laptops in the $199 to $249 price range.”

So we can anticipate a new trend of Windows powered Chromebook alternatives in the market soon, as business users and others increasingly embrace lower cost technology that is heavily dependent upon the cloud.

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