Healthcare Jobs in Demand Right Now by Small Businesses – Small Business Trends

Healthcare Jobs in Demand Right Now by Small Businesses – Small Business Trends

The June jobs report disappointed and surprised many, with the U.S. economy only gaining 38,000 jobs in May.

One of the few bright spots was the strength of the healthcare sector, which added more jobs than any other industry. And before you think that healthcare jobs are likely more in demand at bigger companies but you’d be mistaken.

Indeed data shows that small businesses have just as much demand for healthcare workers as other sized businesses, with nurses, both registered nurses and licensed practical and vocational nurses, leading the way for demand. Those jobs appear first and third, respectively, on the most in-demand healthcare positions with small businesses.

Pharmacy technicians are second-most in demand at small businesses.

While nurses are in demand by all size businesses, Indeed data shows that small businesses have a strong need for highly skilled healthcare workers, like physician’s assistants and physical therapists. Physical therapists, Indeed says, are fourth-most in demand positions at a lot of small businesses.

“The high skilled positions often require an advanced degree and there is a shortage of this type of talent,” said Daniel Culbertson, economic research analyst at Indeed. “Additionally, private practices are a large part of the small business healthcare landscape, and they are the ones looking for these specialized workers.”

Healthcare is one of the few recession-proof industries, and Culbertson believes that small business demand for both highly skilled and technician roles won’t slow down anytime soon.

Rounding out the top 10 healthcare jobs being filled most by small businesses in the U.S. are occupational therapists, medical records and health information techs, speech language,, pathologists, pharmacists, and medical and clinical lab technologists.

NOTE: Indeed contributed to this report.

Image: Indeed

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