Google Adds Third Party Hotel Reviews To Google Maps

Google Adds Third Party Hotel Reviews To Google Maps

Published: Jun 3, 2016
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
by Antony Maina
In Retail Trends

third party hotel reviews

Google now shows third party hotel reviews in a quest to provide the best hotel reviews to travelers.

Previously, a search for hotel reviews on Google would show you Google’s own hotel reviews only, but now a quick search for hotel reviews brings up Google’s reviews as well as third party reviews.

Google Now Shows Third Party Hotel Reviews

Google has added an additional section on its reviews page, highlighting reviews from other websites such as Agoda, Priceline, and, among others.

One of the reasons that might have forced the tech giant to add third-party reviews on its site is credibility. Many people who are searching for hotels online are now accustomed to reading reviews from different websites.

Google adding third party hotel reviews to their search results might have as well solved the longtime problem where travelers had to search for reviews from a whole lot of websites. The new feature is also linked with Google maps so you get to kill so many birds with a single click.

This additional search feature will probably rub hoteliers the right way. Every hotelier wants direct bookings and now that customers can read a whole lot of reviews from one place then the chances of direct online bookings are going to increase.

Third Party Hotel Reviews – And More!

Besides adding third party reviews, Google has also gone ahead to provide suggestions of other hotels that people frequently searched for within the area. Keep in mind that all this is happening within your Google Maps interface, so you can see directions, read reviews, see nearby hotels and get to compare a variety of reviews across the board.

Both businesses and customers benefit when a service or business is reviewed on Google. Businesses get the chance to directly strengthen their relationship with customers by responding to reviews while customers are able to make informed decisions based on reviews from past customers.

Google has even gone a step further to show you how you can encourage reviews for your business.

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