GetResponse Understands Small Business Obstacles

GetResponse Understands Small Business Obstacles

GetResponseSometimes there’s a disconnect between larger companies and small businesses. After all, how can the larger company understand the unique pains a small business experiences? Email marketing provider GetResponse, however, understands those obstacles. It did, after all, start out as a small business in 1998. Simon Grabowski started GetResponse with the sole goal of creating a feature-packed email marketing solution that would be user-friendly and affordable for the small business market. Mac Ossowski, GetResponse Director of Education says:

“We know and appreciate the effort small businesses need to make in order to mark their presence in the market. The obstacles such as small budget and limited marketing impact are more than familiar to us.”

Since 1998, GetResponse has been providing email marketing solutions to thousands of small and medium-sized businesses,  now boasting 250,000 customers. Because so many small businesses don’t have internal marketing teams, GetResponse strives to provide simple and results-oriented tools that allow users to turn out professional-looking HTML emails, track opens and clicks, and increase subscribers to their email lists.

Something the company is proud of: users need no technical knowledge to use the email platform. This a boon for anyone who has struggled to use HTML and wasted countless hours in the process (ahem). One unique feature about the email service is its Inbox Preview. Because emails tend to render differently, depending on what browser you’re using, as well as whether you’re on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone, marketers need reassurance that their emails will be received the way they were intended across the board. The Inbox Preview feature shows what an email would look like in most of the popular email programs, as well as Google and Android devices.

Inbox Preview

Free Education for All Customers An important component to GetResponse’s success is its Learning Center, which offers all manner of training and tools to help customers. Ossowski explains:

“We also put great emphasis on educating our Customers and helping them use the application more effectively. We provide them with video tutorials, constantly updated whitepaper library and regular webinars with GetResponse Experts.”

In addition to the whitepapers, videos, FAQs, live webinars, and manuals, GetResponse strives to maintain its 5-star customer service rating. To that end, the company’s motto is CANI – Constant Never-Ending Improvement. Customer service and product quality are never perfect, only works in progress (a great tip for all companies!).

Staying in Line with Trends

As email marketing changes, GetResponse is ready with tools to take advantage of technological breakthroughs. As tools appeared in the marketplace to help non-technical folks get around using HTML, GetResponse was ready with its Email Creator, which requires no HTML skills to use. When social media became ingrained in everything we did, GetResponse had Social Sharing functionality in its emails. When businesses wanted to know who was opening their emails, GetResponse had its analytics in place.

The email marketing provider is one step ahead of whatever trend we’re embracing. While the company is close-lipped about what’s in store this fall, Ossowski hints that there will be news. He also mentioned mobile email marketing as an important trend that GetResponse is working to incorporate in its services. GetResponse’s 250,000 active users come from 105 different countries. The brand delivers more than 10 billion permission-based emails a year.

This article is part of a series highlighting key players in the Small Business Influencer Awards. 

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