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Greenwich, Connecticut (PRESS RELEASE – May 8, 2011) – For the seventh year in a row, CEOs rate Texas as the #1 state in which to do business and California as the worst. North Carolina maintained its #2 rank, while Florida rose three positions to the #3 spot. Tennessee fell one slot from last year to #4 while Georgia climbed two positions to claim the #5 rank.

Chief Executive Magazine’s annual “Best & Worst States” survey takes the pulse of CEOs on business conditions around the nation. For the 2011 survey, 550 CEOs from across the country evaluated the states on a broad range of issues, including regulations, tax policies, workforce quality, education resources, quality of living and infrastructure.

“A handful of states have made business-friendly policies a priority,” says J.P. Donlon, Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine and “These forward-thinking states are the exception rather than the rule and include Utah, Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma.”

CEOs voted California as the worst state in 2011, with New York, Illinois, New Jersey and Michigan rounding out the bottom five.

“ABC — Anywhere But California,” said T.J. Rodgers, CEO of Cypress Semiconductor, a $668 million chip maker headquartered in San Jose, California, and with plants in 10 countries. “It’s expensive, it’s hostile to business, and environmental regulations are more of a drag on business than protecting the environment.” Cypress Semiconductor’s headcount in California peaked at 1,500. It’s now down to about 600.

With finances in shambles due to the weak economy, many states have been increasing tax rates.

“Today’s ‘soak the rich’ mentality hits business leaders especially hard,” says Marshall Cooper, CEO of Chief Executive magazine and “CEOs and entrepreneurs vote with their feet — and also pack up jobs and investment with them when they leave.”

Best 5 States for Business     Rank 2011      Rank 2010

Texas                                            1st                        1st

North Carolina                               2nd                      2nd

Florida                                           3rd                       6th

Tennessee                                    4th                       3rd

Georgia                                          5th                      7th

Worst 5 States for Business     Rank 2011     Rank 2010

California                                        50th                    50th

New York                                        49th                    49th

Illinois                                             48th                    45th

New Jersey                                     47th                    47th

Michigan                                          46th                    48th

Biggest Gainers     Positions Gained

Wisconsin                         +17

Louisiana                          +13

Indiana                             +10

Biggest Losers      Positions Lost

Alaska                                -10

West Virginia                      -8

Pennsylvania                      -7

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