A Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Price Cut is in Place Temporarily

A Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Price Cut is in Place Temporarily

Published: Sep 1, 2014
by Joshua Sophy
In Technology Trends

Microsoft is cutting the price on its Surface 2 just a month after cuts to the prices of its Surface Pro 2 devices. The Surface 2 runs the much-maligned Windows 8 RT operating system. Microsoft will be taking $100 off the regular prices of the tablets.

That means the 32GB Surface 2 will now cost $349. The 64GB version will run $449, and the 64GB version with 4G LTE connectivity will cost $579. The discounts will be available at Microsoft’s brick-and-mortar and online retail locations an on other eCommerce sellers like Amazon.

Microsoft has indicated that this price reduction is only good until Sept. 27 and that customers are limited to a total of 5 discounted Surface tablets per purchase.

ArsTechnica has speculated the price cut could be because Microsoft is planning to discontinue the model. If so, Microsoft may be trying to clear out some overstock Surface 2 devices. But it could also mean that Microsoft is preparing to unveil a successor to the Surface 2.

In early July Microsoft also cut prices on its Surface Pro 2 devices in anticipation of the Surface Pro 3 which began shipping this month. Microsoft reduced the price of its 64 GB machine from $899 to $799 and the price of its 512 GB machine from $1,799 to $1,599. The Surface 2 that’s being discounted was introduced last October. The only change to this device has been the addition of a 4G LTE version.

But could that really mean Microsoft is getting ready to ditch the Surface 2 altogether and, at the same time, bid adieu to Windows RT once and for all?

The report from ArsTechnica suggests that Microsoft likely won’t do that right away. The same processors that run Windows RT are also used in Windows Phone. These processors do limit the number of apps that these devices can run, though.

Or could it be because Microsoft is planning to introduce a new product?

Recently details were leaked about the HP Stream 14, a $99 laptop which might be an inexpensive answer to Chromebook while running a full version of Windows 8.1. So similar devices heavily reliant on the cloud but using the Windows operating system more familiar to small businesses, could be waiting in the wings.

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